Indochina Tour Begins!

I have arrived Friday, Jan. 8 in Bangkok. A long but uneventful flight. I arrived a my hotel about 3 in the morning  and went out to the street for some dinner. Bangkok is a busy place and I was inadvertently in the red-light district. I had never been so “popular” with the “girls’ in my life!

I am embarking on a four month painting tour of the indochina region, which includes Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I hope to post regularly here with images of  the paintings I will be making.

I have a cell phone here now . The number is  (66)083 633 420 o651  if anybody wants to check in.

Published by Stephan Giannini

An oil painter from Maine, USA.

5 thoughts on “Indochina Tour Begins!

  1. love your paintings, good to see you are producing so much work, sorry to hear about your paintings sticking together.


  2. Stephan,

    Really enjoyed reading your blog and checking out your paintings, thanks for taking the time to post.

    It sounds like your having yourself an exotic trip and not without some challenges…I would have a hard time putting up with the heat and humidity as well but I guess we can get use to anything given time to adjust. Love the little sleeping quarters set up you had…I can smell the ocean now.

    Not much happening at the P&C…some old. Had a good model last Wednesday..the African American women with the turban…you may have painted her before you left.
    Tim (the model Di’s boyfriend) had a one man show. Very nice work, hard to believe he’s only been painting one year.
    He has a lot of natural ability.

    Weather is cold but it’s suppose to warm up to the 40’s this weekend, eat your heart out. Will get out to paint the fountain at Division and Ashland.

    Looking forward to reading future posts. Stay safe and keep on painting.

    Your friend and fellow artist,


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