A Month into SE Asia….

I have been about a month in Thailand and it is about time I posted. I arrived in Bangkok  On January 7 . I have spent about two weeks in Bangkok and 10 days in Chumpon visiting my uncle and about a week at an old Thai archeological site called Sukothai, a bit north of here.

First off, It is hot here,. hot and humid at least in the south. It probably took me a couple weeks to get over the jet lag  and adjust to the heat induced lethargy, which seems to be pretty typical for visitors here. There was a foot of snow on the ground when I left and suddenly I was confronted with 90 degrees and very high humidity.

At first I really couldn’t paint. It was just too uncomfortable  and tiring. But after the first couple weeks  I started and  some work. But I am careful to  avoid sun in the afternoon and just generally stay in the shade.

And Bangkok! A more frenetic place on can not imagine. Of American cities  it is most like New York, but not so clean :).  Traffic is extremely heavy  and it is filthy, in parts. Really there are two cities here; one for the rich, which is really a western city in terms of developement. There are lots of newer highrises   as well as real slums, although not  dangerous. 

There is extreme poverty here and extreme wealth. For instance last night a street-walker approached me and offered herself for about $15 at first, and then worked her way down to less than $2 as I walked past. It was heartbreaking. But last week I paid $8 dollars to see “Avatar” in 3D in a mall that would put most malls in the US to shame.

I also spent some time  in southern Thailand. My Uncle has a country house  there and it is a quiet place . I had my own little house  and it was near the beach. I had a nice time with my uncle and he helped me adjust to Thailand. We also built a wet painting carrying case, and I am grateful for the time he spent. I also learned how to ride a scooter. Later when I was in Sukothai I rented one for a few days which really made painting more productive. That is something I highly recommend as it really frees one up when you have lots of painting stuff to transport in the heat.

In Sukothai , which is a very pretty park of a former civilizations capital city. I was able to get some drawings and oil sketches done there. It was very different from the rest of Thailand, because of rather minimal traffic and general cleanliness. I did some work in Bangkok as well  and one sketch in Chumpon. I’ll try to get some work up on the next post.

My bottom line on Thailand is unimpressed. The city’s and towns are to congested and dirty and just plain ugly for the most part. Some market scenes and older streets are real exceptions. It is also to hot to paint comfortably for this thick blooded northerner.  North is cooler and I am now going to Cambodia  to  more heat, but to eventually work my way up the Mekong river to the north of Laos and possibly Hanoi or even southern China.

Published by Stephan Giannini

An oil painter from Maine, USA.

3 thoughts on “A Month into SE Asia….

  1. May you have much success creating art in such a beautiful, challenging, and unique part of the world. All my best to you. Be safe and keep us posted. :)

  2. Hey Stephan!!! This sounds like such an amazing adventure!! I so wish I could fly there to meet you somewhere for a while. It sounds like heaven to me. Dirt and all. :) Can’t wait to see all your paintings and look forward to your future posts!

    Take care and travel safe my friend.

  3. Stephan you are my new hero! What a cool thing to do. I want to hear about how you decided to make this trip. Until then, I will live vicariously through your posts. Keep having great adventures,

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