Well I have arrived in Cambodia. It is a bit nerve-racking to cross the border, mainly because of bad reports about the constant hassle by hustlers the work the border crossing and it is Cambodia for god’s sake!. Here it was fairly minor. It cost about $15 to bribe the border guard to give us the visa. This is basically the set fee. Some people refuse to pay it and they make you hang around for about a half hour before they let you in . I did  not know this at the time. The other con was a quarantine table where someone took your temperature to see if you have Avian Flu. This may have been legit, but the $.60 fee probably wasn’t.

Despite my trepidation I have arrived in Sinoukville which is a popular beach resort . At least half the people in this town are “falang” ( foreign ) tourists. It is very nice and very cheap. Rooms are $5 to 10 and meals $3. Sunshine and beach are free. The water is like bath water, warmer than the air at night. Much less humidity here as well.

So far I am finding Cambodia more pleasant than Thailand, probably because there is less traffic and humidity.

I rented a scooter to tool around in ($4 a day ) and did some painting yesterday. The scenery isn’t that great here but it is paintable. Lots of little kids gather around and until I packed everything away, they rifled through all my stuff. They actually stole my lunch and while I could not get it back I insisted that the thieves at least share it with the whole gang. Well they probably needed it more than this well fed American.

I am in Sinhoukville for a few more days and then will travel to Kampot, a city just a couple hours north of her which is supposed to have nice french architecture.

Published by Stephan Giannini

An oil painter from Maine, USA.

One thought on “Cambodia!

  1. Dear Stephanie

    Saw your Asian posted paintings I love the simple yet targeted value and structures Very educational for me to experience

    Hope to see you sometime again painting


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