Back to Bangkok and Chicago

After Malacca I took a sleeper train up to Thailand. These Asian sleeper trains are quite comfortable, as long as you get a bottom berth. First I went back to Chumpon and visited my uncle. We had some nice talks and spent time  snorkeling and oyster gathering. 

 Bangkok and Chicago

On May 5th I returned to Bangkok to catch my flight. Despite rumors of troublesome protests in the city, I noticed nothing, even though I was only 3 KM away from the center of the protests. Early on may 6th I took a high-speed knuckle-clenching cab ride to the airport (because Thai cab drivers are maniacs)…..

Sweet Home Chicago!

Sweet Home Chicago!


 ….And after a 22-hour flight in total I landed in Chicago. The first thing I noticed was how quiet Chicago is compared to the frenzy of the Asian towns and cities. I almost expected  tumbleweeds to go by, the difference was so marked. But it is home, and it felt good.

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