Morris The Horse #2, Tryon, N.C, 6 x 6 in., oil (sold)

This is another painting of the town mascot of Tryon, N.C., the town I am visiting right now. It was a life-size version of a popular wooden toy that used to be produced by a local toy manufacturer. Details below.

Morris the Horse, a well-loved landmark standing on the corner of Trade and Pacolet Streets, has proudly represented Tryon since 1928. He is both a symbol of the community’s love of horses and a replica of an era gone by when wooden toy horses just like him were made in Tryon and shipped all over the country.

The first Tryon Horse was built of wood by Meredith Lankford and Odell Peeler, two employees of Tryon Toy Makers, to advertise the first horse show held at Harmon Field in 1928 and sponsored by Tryon Riding and Hunt Club. Pulled by a car through town, the horse would lift its tail and head when the reins were pulled. The current Morris, made of fiberglass, is the 4th generation of Tryon Horses. He does not travel around town as his ancestors did. He has appeared on Christmas ornaments, street signs, T-shirts, and more. When you visit, be sure to go by and say hello.

SOLD. Available for purchase. This work is unframed, but it is mounted on a board with a slot in the back which allows you to hang it without a frame.

How too…

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But if you are looking for a one stop shopping experience I will take care of framing for you. I offer framing on small or medium-sized works for $100. Larger works might be slightly more. This also helps cover the additional shipping and packaging costs involved with a heavier package. (Please note this may add up to two weeks to your order because I live in a small town and often have to order frames).

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Guarantee: I offer a 14-day return policy minus my shipping costs if you return the item in the same condition and packaging you received it in.

Published by Stephan Giannini

An oil painter from Maine, USA.

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