Breakfast, 20 x 20in., oil – $1600

I have always been fascinated by still life paintings depicting meals. And that is because back when I was learning to paint, and before you could find any image you wanted on the internet, I saw this gorgeous 1897 still life (see the image below) by Italian Portrait painter Giovanni Boldoni in a book at the library of the Art Institute of Chicago. A photocopy they made for me graced my wall for years. The casualness of this composition has probably influenced every still life I have ever painted.

The painting above was painted in a lovely studio I had in the State theater building Portland, Maine. I was having fun with the frame. It took forever to drill the mounting holes through the silverware, which are of course the silverware in the painting.

The painting is approximately 28 x 28 inches with the frame. Below is the Boldini.

Giovanni Boldini, Un angolo della mensa del pittore, 1897, Oil on board, 120×38.5 cm

How too…

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Framing: Some work is offered framed. If not, I encourage you to choose your own frame once you have received the work. You’ll have a much better idea what works in your space. Also, frames are more fragile then paintings. I’ve never had a painting damaged, but several times the corners on frames cracked due to mishandling by the shippers.

But if you are looking for a one stop shopping experience I will take care of framing for you. I offer framing on small or medium-sized works for $100. Larger works might be slightly more. This also helps cover the additional shipping and packaging costs involved with a heavier package. (Please note this may add up to two weeks to your order because I live in a small town and often have to order frames).

Usually I mount small works on a separate panel so when they are framed, the frame does not cover the edges of a small painting. Take a look at this page for an explanation and information about framing.

Purchase: I use Paypal to sell artwork. Paypal has a good reputation for security. Please note that you do NOT need to get a Paypal account to use Paypal. Just select the lowest button where it says “Pay with Credit or Debit Card.”

Shipping: Shipping is included in the purchase. I ship small works domestically with US post office priority mail. Larger works will go UPS or FedEx. Usually, I ship right away, but sometimes there might be a small delay if the painting is not dry or I need to order a frame. In any event, I would let you know. Please contact me for international shipping prices.

Guarantee: I offer a 14-day return policy minus my shipping costs if you return the item in the same condition and packaging you received it in.

Published by Stephan Giannini

An oil painter from Maine, USA.

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