Landscape Paintings from Asheville

Here’s a few sketches that I was pleased with that I did when I was down in Asheville, North Carolina and nearby over Thanksgiving 2021. It was so nice to be in the mild weather. You can still get a bit cold at night in that region, but usually the afternoons are quite nice.

On Highway nine, near Mill Spring, North Carolina. 6 x 10” or 15 x 25 cm, oil.
At the railyard in Asheville. 8 x 12“ or 20 x 30 cm, oil.
Near the railyard’s and viewing part of the river arts District in Asheville, North Carolina. 8 x 12”, or 20×30 cm, oil.

These and most other small paintings are currently available for $200 unframed, including shipping In the lower 48. Inquirie.

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