Museo Pietro Canonica , Rome

A sculpture in the Museo Pietro Canonica.

One new discovery for me on  this trip to Rome was the Museo Pietro Canonica. Pietro Canionica (1869 - 1959) was a celebrated Italian sculptor, painter, and composer. It's a wonderful small and free museum in the Villa Borghese Park.  A quiet place to sketch from his brilliant sculptures. From Wikipedia: He was professor of… Continue reading Museo Pietro Canonica , Rome

Nine Weeks of Outdoor Painting in Italy: The Wrap Up

Plein air painting setup on the Arno River in Florence.

I'm back . For almost three months now. I returned May 9th. I had a terrific time. It was a long trip and it had its up and downs, but it met its goal, which was to get away from my regular life and refocus my attention on painting. And there are few better places… Continue reading Nine Weeks of Outdoor Painting in Italy: The Wrap Up

Florence, Italy Paintings , Spring 2016, Pt. 2

Mugnone River Near Le Cure, Florence,Italy, 9 x 12 in. oil

Here's a second set of paintings from Florence, Italy. All painted  on site, 9 x 12 in. and in oils. Florence  and environs is a terrific place to paint. But I have to say, my personal logistics are eating up a lot of time that I would rather spend painting.  I'm happy with my work,… Continue reading Florence, Italy Paintings , Spring 2016, Pt. 2

Florence, Italy Paintings, Spring 2016

The Hills above Florence, 9 x 12 in.,oil

I've now been in Florence for about two weeks. It was quite a bit of trouble to find inexpensive housing for the month, But eventually I found something, albeit a little on the outskirts. But I borrowed a bike from a friend, and that's made it possible to get around in a timely fashion. All these… Continue reading Florence, Italy Paintings, Spring 2016

Rome, Italy Paintings – Spring 2016, pt.2

Here is a second group of paintings done in Rome in the spring of 2016. These paintings are all 9 x 12", oil on linen. I'm in Florence now and soon you should start seeing some paintings from here. There are some logistical problems getting housing here, but I have it all sorted now. I… Continue reading Rome, Italy Paintings – Spring 2016, pt.2