Little Deer Isle, Maine, 6 x 6 in.(sold)

I needed a cook stove. And I found an incredible deal, except it was about a two hour drive away from my house on Maine’s  Blue Hill Peninsula. But it is such a beautiful place to paint, that I figured I could get a sketch out of the deal, too. And I was right! ThisContinue reading “Little Deer Isle, Maine, 6 x 6 in.(sold)”

Rockland Harbor, Maine, November, 6 x 6 in., oil (sold)

Here’s a view of a  Maine harbor with some fish processing plants smoking prettily in the background. Rockland was home to a large fishing industry in the past, but of course it is much less now. I’m spending late fall in Rockland, Maine. BRRRRR!. SOLD. Available for purchase. This work is unframed, but it isContinue reading “Rockland Harbor, Maine, November, 6 x 6 in., oil (sold)”