Landscape Painting At Wetpaint Tamworth In New Hampshire

Barnstormers theater, Tamworth, NH, 8.5 x 12” or 21 x 31 cm., oil

In May 2018, I went, for the second time, to WetPaint Tamworth in Tamworth,NH. This is a lovely plein air painting event organized by the Tamworth Visitors Council. The area is just south-west of the Presidential Range of the White Mountains, and centered around Lake and Mount Chocurua. Painting at Remick Farm, Tamworth,NH. Tamworth area… Continue reading Landscape Painting At Wetpaint Tamworth In New Hampshire

More Summer Paintings – 2015

  Here is another group of my more successful of plein air paintings done this summer. This small painting above is coming up for auction through my painted Journal"painted postcards" blog, where I auction  or sell at fixed price paintings starting at $90. Click here to see.

Solomons, Maryland Outdoor Painting Event

Calvert Marine Museum, 10x11 in. oil on linen

  I did two plein air competitions in the summer of 2014. One, in Castine Maine, which  I wrote about previously. The second one was in Solomons, Maryland, which is an appealing town on the Chesapeake Bay in Southern Maryland. It had a little bit the feeling of my area in Maine - a seaside… Continue reading Solomons, Maryland Outdoor Painting Event

Castine, Maine Outdoor Painting Event

View of castine Harbor, 6 x 6 in. oil on linen.

Here is an overdue post.  But perhaps with spring only 3 weeks away, thoughts of summer are now  becoming more realistic. This was a wonderful painting event that I did in July of 2014,  in a gorgeous town just a few hour drive from my home in Rockland, Maine. Castine is quite an interesting place… Continue reading Castine, Maine Outdoor Painting Event