I recommend floater frames for small paintings. A floater frame lets the painting sit inside the frame without covering up any of the edges. You can make a floater frame out of a normal frame by mounting a painted panel on a slightly larger panel. This is how I normally ship unframed paintings. Please let me know if you don’t want this. See photos:

A frame and floater panel
A painting mounted on a floater pane

A floater panel inside a frame
A painting mounted on a floater panel in a frame

Most of the 5 x 7 in. or 6 x 6 in. paintings have a slot on the back that allow them to be hung in a wall without a frame. And they can all be displayed on small easels.

Some paintings are offered framed. If not usually I can provide or make one for $100 within the United states. I do not ship frames internationally. This is about my cost, especially once you include the extra shipping and insurance.

I prefer not provide the frames for shipping. You’ll have a better idea what works best in your space. Also, frames are more fragile then paintings. I’ve never had a painting damaged, but several times the corners on frames cracked due to mishandling by the shippers. But if you are looking for a one stop shopping experience I will take care of framing for you.

Often a local frame shop can make a frame for about $50 ( or less) for a small painting.  If you don’t want to do that  and you are not finding what you like, take a look at some of these reliable mail order frame sites for lots of  options.

Below is a image of some of the frames that the King of Frames company in California offer . If you assemble these yourself just glue the frame into the opening with either silicon or any good strong glue. Don’t forget to choose the right dimensions for your frame. I don’t get any financial gain for these frames.

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