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Nocturne Paintings Early 2017

Big Dipper Rising, 11 x 14 in.,oil. Castine ,Maine

Big Dipper Rising, 11 x 14 in.,oil. Castine ,Maine

Here’s a selection of Nocturne paintings that I painted in early 2017. The one above is one of my favorites. It amazed me that halfway through that painting  the big dipper started rising behind the church. I didn’t get a chance to take a great photo of this before it sold at the Castine Plein Air Festival, but I plan to make an enlargement this winter and offer it  as a print.

South Thomaston Nocturne,11x 14 in., oil

South Thomaston Nocturne,11x 14 in., oil

This one above was a great spot,in South Thomaston,Maine,  and happily the light changed near the end of my session and lit up the water in the foreground, which really made the painting.

Wyeth Center By Night, 12 x 8 in., oil (Rockland, Maine)

The church here was converted by the local Farnsworth Art Museum into the Wyeth Center, where of course you will find lots of work by the generations of the Wyeth family of painters.

Carriage House, 9 x 12 in.,oil. (Wiscasset, Maine)

I did this piece as a speculative commission. I met someone who wanted a painting of this building by night. They ended up not wanting it, but I ended up selling it through my local gallery.

Wiscassett Harbor Nocturne, 10 x 11 in.,oil

Wiscassett Harbor Nocturne, 10 x 11 in.,oil

There is a wonderful harbor in Wiscasset, Maine for nocturnes. This is the second painting I did of this area, although they were a year apart.

Gloucester Harbor, 10 x 11 in., oil.

Gloucester Harbor, 10 x 11 in., oil.

This painting is actually from 2016, and done at the Cape Ann Plein Air Event in 2016. The whole Cape Ann area in Massachusetts is an incredible area to sketch.

If you would like to see more, I have some more recent night paintings posted at this blog post here.

Of course I also sell my work. If your interested in supporting my efforts, you can take a look at my store here. Or contact me about any other painting  of mine your interested in.

Nocturne Paintings From the Summer of 2016

Wiscassett Bay Nocturne, 11 x 14,'oil

Wiscassett, ME. Bay Nocturne, 11 x 14,’oil

The last few years I’ve started painting many nocturne paintings from life. Which of course means staying up late! Sometimes till 1 or 2 in the morning. These are all paintings from 2016.

The Warmth of Home, 10 x 11″, oil. This painting won 2nd Place Peoples choice award at the Boothbay Stroke of Art Plein Air Event in 2016.

It’s actually a nice time to paint. Usually very quite. And of course the light doesn’t change!

Rockport, MA., Noctiurne, 14x 11," oil.

Rockport, MA., Noctiurne, 14x 11,” oil. This painting won “Best Nocturne” at the Cape Anne Plein Air Event, 2016.

“Nocturne: Queechee Falls,” 9×12 in., oil. This won “Best Nocturne” at the Vermont Institute of Science Plein air event in 2016

Often I go back the next morning to the scene to refine the drawing and colors.

“South Thomaston, Maine Moonrise,”10 x 11 in., oil

I’ve figured our how to do it better now, but they are incredibly hard to photograph. All of these sold right away at various plein air events, and so many of the photos have a lot of glare on them because of the dark colors. Recently, I’ve had some luck taking a photo at an angle to avoid the glare, and then using image editing software to pull the perspective flat.




Mural Painting in New York City

Mural studio at Evergreene Architectural Arts in Midtown Manhattan.

This past winter I spent about 10 weeks in NYC working at Evergreen Architectural Arts  Midtown studio. Evergreene is a company that specializes in restoring art in architectural settings. This includes murals, painted decorative schemes, tromp l’oiel decoration, but also plaster, statuary, almost anything you can think off. I’ve been working on and off for them since about 2000.

I wasn’t embalming. This is a plaster cast that was being polychromed in the studio for a New Jersey Church.

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Michaelangelos Cloister, Terme di Diocleziane (The Baths of Diocletian),Roma, 10 x 8 in, Oil

Chiostro di Michelangelo, Terme di Diocleziane (The Cloister of Michaelangelo, Baths of Diocletian), Roma, 10 x 8 in, Oil

Michaelangelos Cloister, Terme di Diocleziane (The Baths of Diocletian),Roma, 10 x 8 in, Oil

Michaelangelos Cloister, Terme di Diocleziane (The Baths of Diocletian), Roma, 10 x 8 in, Oil

This was another landscape painting outing with the Sketchcrawl Roma group. Again they had arranged free admission! A couple of us stayed the whole day and then were thrown out by surprised gaurds when they decided to close a little early. They thought everyone was gone ( it was a Saturday evening – I understood).

The Cloister was built in 1565 and is ascribed to Michelangelo. He actually probably just designed it and was not involved in the construction. The arcades are supported by 100 travertine columns. The full perimeter of cloister is 320m. The fountain in the garden dates from 1695 and is surrounded by four cypresses of which one is thought to be planted by Michelangelo, and seven colossal heads of animals.  Those are the Cypruses in my oil  painting. The Carthusian monastery to which the cloister belonged was closed in 1870.

The garden, characterized by an enormous marble fountain, and the large cloister, where a section of lesser statues and various archaeological materials are exhibited, are part of the complex of the Museo Nazionale Romano delle Terme di Diocleziano (National Roman Museum of Diocletian Bath).

Ponte Sant’ Angelo di Notte, Roma (Saint Angels Bridge by Night), 8 x 10 in. Oil

Notte, Roma ( Sant' Angelo Bridge by Night), 8 x 10 in. Oil

Ponte Sant’Angelo di Notte, Roma (Sant’ Angelo Bridge by Night), 8 x 10 in. Oil

This is a night painting I did in Rome, Italy of the Ponte Sant’Angelo.  Completed in 134 AD to span the Tiber, from the city center to  the towering Castel Sant’Angelo.  The bridge is now solely pedestrian, and provides a photogenic vista of the Tiber River and the castle. It’s of course a busy place, and there were street vendors still out even well past nightfall.

In times past, pilgrims used this bridge to reach St Peter’s Basilica, hence it was known also with the name of “bridge of Saint Peter” (pons Sancti Petri). In the seventh century, under Pope Gregory I, both the castle and the bridge took on the name Sant’Angelo, explained by a legend that an angel appeared on the roof of the castle to announce the end of the plague.

Behind Castel Sant'Angelo, Roma, 5 x 7 in., Oil

Behind Castel Sant’Angelo, Roma, 5 x 7 in, Oil


Behind Castel Sant’Angelo, Roma, 5 x 7 in., Oil

I did this landscape painting in a very pleasant little park behind The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant’Angelo (English: Castle of the Holy Angel),  which  is a towering cylindrical building in Parco Adriano, Rome, Italy. It was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family. The building was later used by the popes as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum. The Castel was once the tallest building in Rome.

The structure on the right of the painting is the rear of the building,and the park was full of baby-strollers and students sunning themselves on the day I was there in April, 2013.