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Nocturne Paintings Early 2017

Big Dipper Rising, 11 x 14 in.,oil. Castine ,Maine

Big Dipper Rising, 11 x 14 in.,oil. Castine ,Maine

Here’s a selection of Nocturne paintings that I painted in early 2017. The one above is one of my favorites. It amazed me that halfway through that painting  the big dipper started rising behind the church. I didn’t get a chance to take a great photo of this before it sold at the Castine Plein Air Festival, but I plan to make an enlargement this winter and offer it  as a print.

South Thomaston Nocturne,11x 14 in., oil

South Thomaston Nocturne,11x 14 in., oil

This one above was a great spot,in South Thomaston,Maine,  and happily the light changed near the end of my session and lit up the water in the foreground, which really made the painting.

Wyeth Center By Night, 12 x 8 in., oil (Rockland, Maine)

The church here was converted by the local Farnsworth Art Museum into the Wyeth Center, where of course you will find lots of work by the generations of the Wyeth family of painters.

Carriage House, 9 x 12 in.,oil. (Wiscasset, Maine)

I did this piece as a speculative commission. I met someone who wanted a painting of this building by night. They ended up not wanting it, but I ended up selling it through my local gallery.

Wiscassett Harbor Nocturne, 10 x 11 in.,oil

Wiscassett Harbor Nocturne, 10 x 11 in.,oil

There is a wonderful harbor in Wiscasset, Maine for nocturnes. This is the second painting I did of this area, although they were a year apart.

Gloucester Harbor, 10 x 11 in., oil.

Gloucester Harbor, 10 x 11 in., oil.

This painting is actually from 2016, and done at the Cape Ann Plein Air Event in 2016. The whole Cape Ann area in Massachusetts is an incredible area to sketch.

If you would like to see more, I have some more recent night paintings posted at this blog post here.

Of course I also sell my work. If your interested in supporting my efforts, you can take a look at my store here. Or contact me about any other painting  of mine your interested in.

Nocturne Paintings From the Summer of 2016

Wiscassett Bay Nocturne, 11 x 14,'oil

Wiscassett, ME. Bay Nocturne, 11 x 14,’oil

The last few years I’ve started painting many nocturne paintings from life. Which of course means staying up late! Sometimes till 1 or 2 in the morning. These are all paintings from 2016.

The Warmth of Home, 10 x 11″, oil. This painting won 2nd Place Peoples choice award at the Boothbay Stroke of Art Plein Air Event in 2016.

It’s actually a nice time to paint. Usually very quite. And of course the light doesn’t change!

Rockport, MA., Noctiurne, 14x 11," oil.

Rockport, MA., Noctiurne, 14x 11,” oil. This painting won “Best Nocturne” at the Cape Anne Plein Air Event, 2016.

“Nocturne: Queechee Falls,” 9×12 in., oil. This won “Best Nocturne” at the Vermont Institute of Science Plein air event in 2016

Often I go back the next morning to the scene to refine the drawing and colors.

“South Thomaston, Maine Moonrise,”10 x 11 in., oil

I’ve figured our how to do it better now, but they are incredibly hard to photograph. All of these sold right away at various plein air events, and so many of the photos have a lot of glare on them because of the dark colors. Recently, I’ve had some luck taking a photo at an angle to avoid the glare, and then using image editing software to pull the perspective flat.