A selection of images from my restoration work of art in architectural settings. These are group projects that I materially participated in. In general, I work as an in-painter which means I paint in the losses. Usually, it is existing art that needs to be touched up. Other times, old art that has been painted over is recreated. This is just a smattering of my favorite projects. I’ve worked on dozens of different buildings. To see more detail in blog posts, take a look here.

 Selected Restoration Projects

Wyoming State Capital, Cheyenne,WY. 2019

Zang Mansion, Denver, CO. 2019

Chafee High School Auditorium, Ontario, CA. 2019

Fairlane, Henry Ford House Museum 2018

St. Aloysius, Bowling Green, Ohio 2014

Heglar Carus Mansion, Lasalle,, Illinois, 2013

Kansas State Capital, Topeka, Kansas 2011-12

St. Francis De La Sales Church, Paducah, KY 2011

Old South Unitarian Church, Nantucket, MA.

Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Secretary Of War Suite, Washington,D.C.

Byron White Federal Courthouse, Denver, CO.

Chicago Cultural Center, Preston Bradley Hall, Tiffany Dome, Chicago,Il.

Grand Rapids Civic Theater, Grand Rapids MI.

Schubert Theater, Chicago, IL

Cascade Theater, Redding, CA.

Washington State Capitol, Olympia, WA.

Project Manager

St.Mathews Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

Fifth Avenue Theater, Seattle, WA.

Warner Theater, Torrington, CT.

Superior Court, Hartford, CT.

Parthenon, Nashville, TN.

Tennessee Theater, Knoxville, TN.

Union Station, Seattle, WA.

Project Manager.

Orpheum Theater, Sioux City, IA.

Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, IL.

Theater, Decorah, IA.

360 N. Michigan Ave. Building, Chicago, IL.

Morse Theater, South Bend, IN.

St. Cecilia Cathedral, Omaha, NE.