Art Prize. Wow! Grand Rapids is strutting out!

ArtPrize,  created by Rick DeVos, a grandson of both the cofounder of Amway and the founder of the Prince Corp is apparently establishing a kind of huge scale people’s choice competition in Grand Rapds, MI. A  few years ago I helped paint a Richard Haas designed Mural there and am thinking about creating another public art piece for this competition.

Of course one could argue that even though artprize is offering a few big prizes,  basically what they are doing is asking artists to at their own expense to subsidize  an art happening for Grand Rapids. I am sure that the many artists who probably will participate will end up in aggregate spending substantially more money than the sponsors. I would prefer to see more, smaller prizes that would give more artists a chance to recoup there expenses.

Here is the Mural I did at the corner of  Cherry and Division . With Tim Luzak  and Evergreene Painting Studios.

complete mural copy
Haas designed Grand rapids Mural
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