SE Asia Paintings. Group of 29 – $3200

In 2010, I took a fantastic four-month trip to Southeast Asia. Of course, I brought my paints. The paintings I’m showing here we’re all done on location, although I did touch them up once I got home. I’m offering these as a group because It would be best if they were kept together. The workContinue reading “SE Asia Paintings. Group of 29 – $3200”

Plein Air Painting in SE Asia

In 2010, I took a fantastic four month trip to Southeast Asia. My uncle, who worked as a hydroelectric engineer in Laos and Thailand, had lived there for many years, and it was time to visit. I spent several weeks with him, and the remainder of time visiting all over Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, andContinue reading “Plein Air Painting in SE Asia”