St. Francis De Sales Stained Glass Window/3

St. Francis De Sales Restoration, Paducah,Kentucky

This summer I have been working on  a church restoration  at St. Francis de Sales Catholic church in Paducah, Kentucky. The funny photo-montage below is me posing for reference for one of two paintings I have  been commissioned to paint for a small altar in the church.

Me posing as St. Francis De Sales - through the magic of Photoshop
Me posing as St. Francis De Sales – through the magic of Photoshop

I was lucky and surprised  to find  a great costume shop in town, Creatures of Habit, which was able to put together something resembling a Bishops vestments for me. I’m also doing another one of Saint Jane de Chantel. I am going to hire a model and a nuns habit and do a similar photo-montage and then create both paintings.

I’m working with Tony Kartsonas of Historic Surfaces on this job. We have done a lot of  art in the church and still have much to do. I’ll do a more complete post when it is done. Below are some images from two  stained glass windows I touched up.

2 thoughts on “St. Francis De Sales Restoration, Paducah,Kentucky”

  1. good and wise looking man in robes, and

    the change after touch-up of the two windows is remarkable!

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