Virona Cimiterio, Roma, 5 x 8 in., Oil (Sold)

Virano Cimiterio, Rom,Italy, 5 x 8 in., oil on linen

This painting was done on the first day that I met some of the local  painters in Rome. It’s a gorgeous cemetery established in the early 1800’s. There are many beautiful sculptures and graves. We had to get permission to paint here, and I was told to say ” permesso di Signora Mela” if challenged ( or something similar….). ” Mela”means apple in Italian. Here is a link to a photo album about the cemetery.

Here is a little more information: The Campo Verano (Italian: Cimitero del Verano) is a cemetery in Rome that was founded in the early nineteenth century.The name verano a refers to the Ancient Roman campo dei Verani that was located here. The zone contained ancient christian catacombs. But a modern cemetery was not established till the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy during 1807-1812, when the architect Giuseppe Valadier was commisioned designs after the Edict of Saint Cloud required burials to take place outside of the city walls. The papal authorities still have some control over the administration.

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