Fabricus Bridge, Roma (Isola Tiburina), 8 x 10, oil

Fabricus Bridge, Roma (Isola Tiburina),8 x 10, oil
Fabricus Bridge, Roma (Isola Tiburina),8 x 10, oil
Fabricus Bridge, Roma (Isola Tiburina), 8 x 10 in. , oil

This is a cityscape painting of the  Fabricus Bridge, which I painted right before I left Rome.

The Pons Fabricius (Italian: Ponte Fabricio, meaning “Fabricius’ Bridge”) is the oldest Roman bridge in Rome, Italy, still existing in its original state. Built in 62 BC, it spans half of the Tiber River, from  the east shore of the Tiber river to Tiber Island in the middle.

The bridge was built in 62 BC, to replace an earlier wooden bridge destroyed by fire. It was commissioned by Lucius Fabricius, the curator of the roads. Completely intact from Roman antiquity, it has been in continuous use ever since.

The Pons Fabricius has a length of 62 m, and is 5.5 m wide. It is constructed from two wide arches, supported by a central pillar in the middle of the stream. Its core is constructed of tuff. Its outer facing today is made of bricks and travertine.

After I finished I met some friends, and enjoyed beer and a porchetta panino (a kind of insanely delicious spiced pork on bread) while sitting in the Piazza Santa Maria Di Trastevere.

Published by Stephan Giannini

An oil painter from Maine, USA.

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