Foggy Harbor, Rockland, 9 x 10” (sold)

June is the month for fog on the coast of Maine. And this year there were probably seven or eight nights. I can hear the fog horn from my house, sometimes it wakes me up in the morning. This is just a few blocks from my house. There are three or four historic tall sailingContinue reading “Foggy Harbor, Rockland, 9 x 10” (sold)”

Night Puddles, 9 x 10”- $325

This is another one literally two blocks from my house. I didn’t even really need to take the car. It was actually done on a early warm spring night here, and probably the sun set about 6 o’clock, so I didnt have to stay out to far past my bedtime! 9 x 10 inches, oilContinue reading “Night Puddles, 9 x 10”- $325”

View of the Saint George’s River, Maine, 8 x 12”- $375

This painting was done from the parking lot of the Riverview Hayfields Preserve, in Thomaston, Maine. This is a 1400 acre project of the St. George’s River land trust, designed to bridge the spaces between the Saint Georges river and the whiskey river. It’s a pleasant place to walk around in, mostly grasslands with someContinue reading “View of the Saint George’s River, Maine, 8 x 12”- $375”

Calumet, Michigan, Snow Mounds, 8 x 10”, $300

The snow capital of Michigan. That’s what they call Calumet. Calumet is located in the Keewenaw Peninsula on the southern edge of Lake Superior. Snowfalls in that town are typically close to 20 feet each season. When I was very young, my father was stationed at an Air Force Base in this region. So IContinue reading “Calumet, Michigan, Snow Mounds, 8 x 10”, $300”

Mask Monkey, 6 x 6,”oil $125

The Poor guy. Here he is struggling to put on his mask and getting all tangled up. At first, he was in denial about the possibility of this new disease. And now he is in a world of Coronavirus paranoia. And of course, the masks don’t even fit children, let alone this poor little shakingContinue reading “Mask Monkey, 6 x 6,”oil $125″

Belfast, Maine, Waterfront 3-5/8 x 12 in., oil -$125

Here is a long horizontal painting of the Belfast, Maine Harbor. The town has a wonderful walkway bridge going across the bay, which is where I was standing when I did this painting. This work is unframed, but mounted on a slightly oversize panel so that you can frame it without covering up the corners.Continue reading “Belfast, Maine, Waterfront 3-5/8 x 12 in., oil -$125”