SE Asia Paintings. Group of 28 – $3200

In 2010, I took a fantastic four-month trip to Southeast Asia. Of course, I brought my paints. The paintings I’m showing here we’re all done on location, although I did touch them up once I got home. I’m offering these as a group because It would be best if they were kept together. The workContinue reading “SE Asia Paintings. Group of 28 – $3200”

Plein Air Painting in SE Asia

In 2010, I took a fantastic four month trip to Southeast Asia. My uncle, who worked as a hydroelectric engineer in Laos and Thailand, had lived there for many years, and it was time to visit. I spent several weeks with him, and the remainder of time visiting all over Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, andContinue reading “Plein Air Painting in SE Asia”

Plein Air Painting in Bali, Indonesia

Right after my trip to Australia, I went to Bali. I chose Bali primarily because it was an inexpensive flight from Perth, where I was at the time (you can see my blog post about Australia here). I had considered New Zealand and SE Asia, but Bali is so nearby, it seemed the easiest.  ItContinue reading “Plein Air Painting in Bali, Indonesia”

Painting On Location In Southeast Asia – Finished Sketches

Here is a post of some of the oil paintings and drawings I have done in Thailand , Cambodia, Laos ,and Malaysia. I posted these last year, but recently I worked on these in the studio and got them all finished and signed and took new photos. These were made during a wonderful and interestingContinue reading “Painting On Location In Southeast Asia – Finished Sketches”

Asian Painting Trip Posts on the Amateur Traveler Blog

(Note: The Amateur Traveler links are dead as of 2020)  Chris Christensen was kind enough to  re-post  my SE Asian painting trip blog posts on his  ( much more popular ) blog. This is about the trip I took to the Indochina region to tour and paint in early 2010. He does an often extremelyContinue reading “Asian Painting Trip Posts on the Amateur Traveler Blog”

Back to Bangkok and Chicago

After Malacca I took a sleeper train up to Thailand. These Asian sleeper trains are quite comfortable, as long as you get a bottom berth. First I went back to Chumpon and visited my uncle. We had some nice talks and spent time  snorkeling and oyster gathering.   Bangkok and Chicago On May 5th I returnedContinue reading “Back to Bangkok and Chicago”

Ko Pha Ngan and Thai Water Festival

      Thais armed with water-pistols for Songkran Thai New Year and Water Festival on Ko Pha Ngan Island   I spent a few more days in Ko Pha Ngan island where I did some snorkeling for the first time. It was a wonderful experience in a really stunning coral beach called Mae Had on the northernContinue reading “Ko Pha Ngan and Thai Water Festival”

Landmines in Laos

During my painting trip  through  the  otherwise very pleasant country of Laos, one unhappy but important thing I learned about was the amount of UXO (or unexploded ordnance) and the de-mining activities.   Although Laos was neutral during the Vietnam War and the United States never officially declared war upon it, US forces dropped over two millionContinue reading “Landmines in Laos”