Sara, 9 by 12 in., Oil On Board

Some Recent Paintings – 2011

I stayed busy this spring and summer with restoration work, but I did paint a little and  here are some of my better sketches:

Head Study, 9x12 in., oil
Head Study, 9×12 in., oil

St. Martin's Way, Nantucket,oil, 9x12 in.
St. Martin’s Way, Nantucket,oil, 9×12 in.
Towards A Nantucket Beach, 9x12 in.,oil
Towards A Nantucket Beach, 9×12 in.,oil
A Lighthouse on Nantucket Island, 8x10 in.,oil
A Lighthouse on Nantucket Island, 8×10 in.,oil
Pasture, Southern Illinois, 5x7 in., oil
Pasture, Southern Illinois, 5×7 in., oil
Ice Service, Asheville, 8x10 in.,oil
Ice Service, Asheville, 8×10 in.,oil
Ingrid's Tree, Massachusetts, oil, 7x10 in.
Ingrid’s Tree, Massachusetts, oil, 7×10 in.
Quebec City Walls, 7x10 in.,oil
Quebec City Walls, 7×10 in.,oil
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