Little Deer Isle, Maine, 6 x 6 in.(sold)

Little deer Isle, Maine, 6 x 6 in., Oil on linen on board

I needed a cook stove. And I found an incredible deal, except it was about a two hour drive away from my house on Maine’s  Blue Hill Peninsula. But it is such a beautiful place to paint, that I figured I could get a sketch out of the deal, too. And I was right!

This work ships unframed. This work is painted on oil primed linen and mounted on board. SOLD.

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Shipping: Shipping is included in the purchase. I ship small works domestically with US post office priority mail. Larger works will go UPS or FedEx. Usually, I ship right away, but sometimes there might be a small delay if the painting is not dry. In any event, I would let you know. Please contact me for international shipping prices.

Guarantee: I offer a 14-day return policy minus my shipping costs if you return the item in the same condition and packaging you received it in.

Published by Stephan Giannini

An oil painter from Maine, USA.

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