Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine,9 x 10 in., $400

A giant crane at the Bath Ironworks. This is about an hour down the coast from me. This is where they build Navy ships, or at least one of the places. Owned by General Dynamics. The Crown family. They also own Aspen mountain. All of it. I worked in one of the cousin’s houses inContinue reading “Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine,9 x 10 in., $400”

Union, Maine-House on the Commons, 8 x 12 in., oil, $375

I found this lovely composition in Union, Maine, inland from my town. They have an active town commons with several stores and restaurants. I believe this building houses a restaurant, and behind the trees there’s an open square and several more businesses. Looks like a nice place to hang out. 8 x 12 in., oilContinue reading “Union, Maine-House on the Commons, 8 x 12 in., oil, $375”

Heartfelt Farm Apples, 13 x 17 in.,$2200

Here’s a painting of some beautiful apples I did at a friend’s house, in Cushing, Maine. Heartfelt farms, a very pleasant place, and I think you can find a rental there on Airbnb. I did this painting entirely from life, and took about seven days to do it. During that time I posted process shotsContinue reading “Heartfelt Farm Apples, 13 x 17 in.,$2200”

Hand Warming, 7 x 9″- $200

A nice warm fire is lovely on a brisk night while camping. The painting is 7 x9 inches. Unframed, but this painting ships mounted on a 8 x 10 in. panel, so that when you frame it, the edges are not covered up. Additionally, 8 x 10 in frames are available anywhere, even the drugContinue reading “Hand Warming, 7 x 9″- $200”

Night Walker, 10 x 22 in., oil – $750

This is a street where I often take evening walks just a few blocks from my house. I worked on this over the course of three evenings, and every night the dog walker passed me. This was my friend Stacy’s house, A ceramicist who taught art in a local school, until he sold it aContinue reading “Night Walker, 10 x 22 in., oil – $750”

Talbot House, Rockland, 18 x 20“, $1250

A lot of people call this house the Hopper house. And in fact Edward Hopper was in Rockland, Maine For six or seven weeks in 1926. But he never painted this house. He did paint the house next-door. I do wonder why he didn’t paint it, because it seems like such a perfect subject forContinue reading “Talbot House, Rockland, 18 x 20“, $1250”