Landmines in Laos

During my painting trip  through  the  otherwise very pleasant country of Laos, one unhappy but important thing I learned about was the amount of UXO (or unexploded ordnance) and the de-mining activities.   Although Laos was neutral during the Vietnam War and the United States never officially declared war upon it, US forces dropped over two millionContinue reading “Landmines in Laos”

Tribute to Adrian Booth / Lorna Gray installed in Grand Rapids for Art-Prize Event

I have painted a  tribute image of actress Adrian Booth as part of the Artprize event. Mrs. Adrian Booth Brian was born Virginia Pound in Grand Rapids  in 1917.  The image, an approximately 16 ft. high painting on wood panels was mounted outside “the B.O.B.” nightclub on Fuller at Monroe. It is visible from theContinue reading “Tribute to Adrian Booth / Lorna Gray installed in Grand Rapids for Art-Prize Event”

Old War Department Restoration Continues

I am in Washington,D.C. for most of the first five months of 2009 working with Page Conservation on a restoration of an Executive branch office building that formerly housed the War Department. I am working very near the White House. The building was extensively decorated but unfortunately was over-painted in the late 1940’s. In theContinue reading “Old War Department Restoration Continues”

Oak Park Mural project disappears

Bad news came through this week. Apparently due to a budget shortfall in the Village of Oak Park, it looks like my  planned mural project will probably not materialize (or at least be significantly delayed). I originally understood this was a sure thing and the money was budgeted already. But because of a lower taxContinue reading “Oak Park Mural project disappears”

Tiffany Dome Restoration

I am working on restoring the the 38-foot dome in Preston Bradley Hall a the Chicago Cultural Center.It is thought to be the world’s largest Tiffany dome. There should be an article describing the restoration in early July in the Chicago Tribune Magazine.  With EverGreene Architectural Arts and Historic Surfaces . Here is an inContinue reading “Tiffany Dome Restoration”