Church Mural Re-Creation: Felix Lieftuchter, St. Aloysius, Bowling Green, Ohio

In Early 2014 I had the privilege to be called up to work on the recreation of a church mural at St. Aloysius church in Bowling Green, Ohio, The muralist is Felix Lieftuchter (b. Cincinnati, OH. 1883). My job is as an in-painter, which is generally the only thing I do on these restoration projects.Continue reading “Church Mural Re-Creation: Felix Lieftuchter, St. Aloysius, Bowling Green, Ohio”

St. Francis De Sales Completed Church Restoration, Paducah, KY.

The  summer of 2011 I worked on  a church restoration  at St. Francis De Sales Catholic church in Paducah, Kentucky.  On this project I worked for  Tony Kartsonas of Historic Surfaces. Also on the project were Susie Buchholz, Nick Pavlos and Jeff Wolfe. The project was about 5 months long and I was there forContinue reading “St. Francis De Sales Completed Church Restoration, Paducah, KY.”

Old South Church Restoration on Nantucket Island

This past spring I spent 6 weeks working on beautiful Nantucket Island helping restore  the Old South Church in Nantucket Island.  Today it is the oldest of the large church buildings still standing in the town. Nantucket is about 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts  and was the setting for the whalers from HermanContinue reading “Old South Church Restoration on Nantucket Island”

The San Francisco Murals of Mona Caron

In the fall of 2009 I had a pleasant visit to San Francisco after attending a wedding in northern California. I had never visited the city before, and I specifically wanted to take a look at some of the many murals there. I will do another post about the other murals in S.F., but hereContinue reading “The San Francisco Murals of Mona Caron”

Violet Oakley and the Red Rose Girls

I just finished reading a terrific book on the story of the Red Rose girls, three female students of Howard Pyle who ended up establishing a communal house and studio called the Red Rose Inn. They collaborated and were living together for many years and became very succesful. There are whisperings of love and intimacyContinue reading “Violet Oakley and the Red Rose Girls”

Marquetry Wood Mural

A unique decorative art technique that I became aware of recently is  marquetry wood murals. Here is an example by Emile Galle, late nineteenth century, French.  Marquetry is inlaying wood in decorative patterns, usually in furniture or sometimes floors. I  saw an article in the New York Times about a marquetry mural in a LondonContinue reading “Marquetry Wood Mural”

Granada Theater Mural for Rogers Park

This summer I submitted a proposal to  Chicago’s 49th ward (Rogers Park neighborhood) for a mural competition there, which I did not win. My theme was a tribute to the now demolished Granada Theater. Formerly at 6427 N. Sheridan, the Granada Theater was one of the three largest movie palaces in Chicago, comparable to andContinue reading “Granada Theater Mural for Rogers Park”