Campobello Island Landscape Painting Trip

At the beginning of July, I took a three-day painting trip up to beautiful Campobello Island, just over the border from Maine in New Brunswick, Canada. It is about a four and a half hour ride from Portland, Maine, and your last stop in Maine is Lubec, billed as the easternmost city in the US.Continue reading “Campobello Island Landscape Painting Trip”

New London Plein Air Competition

July 7 and 8th, 2012, I participated in my first outdoor painting competition, this one to coincide with New London, Ct.’s Op-Sail event; an annual tall ship and street festival. I was pleased to win one of the prizes for one of the paintings I submitted for the gallery show.  It was sponsored by theContinue reading “New London Plein Air Competition”

Asian Painting Trip Posts on the Amateur Traveler Blog

(Note: The Amateur Traveler links are dead as of 2020)  Chris Christensen was kind enough to  re-post  my SE Asian painting trip blog posts on his  ( much more popular ) blog. This is about the trip I took to the Indochina region to tour and paint in early 2010. He does an often extremelyContinue reading “Asian Painting Trip Posts on the Amateur Traveler Blog”

David Hockney’s Camera Obscura Hypothesis

A few months ago I had a discussion about David Hockney’s hypothesis that many  classical painters  ( such as Ingres or Carravagio) had used a Camera Obscura. I think these were used somewhat, but not as much as Hockney stipulates.Here is Gregg Kreutz’s argument against Hockney’s “proofs”.  

Marc Dalessio’s Learning Curve

I was recently looking at a blog by an artist/teacher I really admire, Marc Dalessio. He has some wonderful work and ratchets up his envy factor by where he lives which is Florence, Italy. Take a look at his wonderful landscapes and portraits. He posted this graph about his artistic and technical development over theContinue reading “Marc Dalessio’s Learning Curve”

Edgewater Historical Society – Plein Aire Painters Of Chicago Show, Oct. 8 – 16

I will have four small, nicely framed,  and inexpensive works at the Edgewater Historical Society space (5358 North Ashland, Chicago, IL) that  is part of Andersonville Arts Weekend. There are many receptions in the area on Friday, October 8 (5 to 9pm).