Tribute to Adrian Booth / Lorna Gray installed in Grand Rapids for Art-Prize Event

I have painted a  tribute image of actress Adrian Booth as part of the Artprize event. Mrs. Adrian Booth Brian was born Virginia Pound in Grand Rapids  in 1917.  The image, an approximately 16 ft. high painting on wood panels was mounted outside “the B.O.B.” nightclub on Fuller at Monroe. It is visible from theContinue reading “Tribute to Adrian Booth / Lorna Gray installed in Grand Rapids for Art-Prize Event”

Philadelphia Mural Viewing Trip

In May and June I spent two separate days In Philadelphia taking a look at some of the murals  there. There are actually over 3000 (yes, three thousand  ) murals in the city. The instigator of this was Jane Golden who started an anti-graffiti campaign in Philadelphia where  graffiti artists were redirected to Mural painting.  Continue reading “Philadelphia Mural Viewing Trip”

Westown Mural Commision

Recently I was informed that I have been awarded a  commission to do a mural  in the Westown neighborhood of Chicago. They were looking for street scenes from their area to be painted underneath a Union-Pacific train bridge  just west Chicago and Halstead. My theme is a “Utopian vision of an alternative future” where theContinue reading “Westown Mural Commision”

Even More Washington,D.C. Mural Conservation

As my friends know I have been spending a lot of time in the last two years working in Washington, DC on  some mural conservations working with an Conservator/artist team  to conserve some  circa 1880’s decorative murals in an executive branch office building near the White House. With Page Conservation. About the 1940’s the decorationsContinue reading “Even More Washington,D.C. Mural Conservation”

Marilyn Monroe Mural, Washington D.C.

This wonderful and popular mural is at the corner of Calvert and Connecticut, near the Woodley Park Metro station. Commissioned in 1981 by Roi Barnard of Salon Roi, and painted by John Bailey. There is or was a bronze plaque installed at 2604 Connecticut Avenue naming the artist, but I did not see it. ItContinue reading “Marilyn Monroe Mural, Washington D.C.”

Working on 18th Century Wallpaper restoration in Washington, D.C.

Here is a  look at what I am doing this week in Washington DC. This is an 18th century  wallpaper made with woodblock prints . It would have been manufactured by a company like Joseph Dufour et Cie. I’m working with Page Conservation who have mounted the wallpaper on panels and I am  very carefullyContinue reading “Working on 18th Century Wallpaper restoration in Washington, D.C.”