I’m a Cover Artist! March 2018 Plein Air Magazine

I am  featured in the March 2018 issue of  Plein Air magazine. Not only that, but they used one of my paintings on the cover. Of course I was very pleased about this! This article came about because the editor of the magazine at the time, Steven Doherty, had seen me posting a series ofContinue reading “I’m a Cover Artist! March 2018 Plein Air Magazine”

A Visit To Toledo’s Museum Of Fine Arts

While I have been working in The Toledo area,  I visited the Toledo Museum of Fine Arts several times. Located in Toledo’s  Old West End,a crumbling and beautiful historic neighborhood, the museum surprises with a well curated and friendly atmosphere. They have a great collection of historic  paintings as well as a modern building withContinue reading “A Visit To Toledo’s Museum Of Fine Arts”

Church Mural Re-Creation: Felix Lieftuchter, St. Aloysius, Bowling Green, Ohio

In Early 2014 I had the privilege to be called up to work on the recreation of a church mural at St. Aloysius church in Bowling Green, Ohio, The muralist is Felix Lieftuchter (b. Cincinnati, OH. 1883). My job is as an in-painter, which is generally the only thing I do on these restoration projects.Continue reading “Church Mural Re-Creation: Felix Lieftuchter, St. Aloysius, Bowling Green, Ohio”

Felix Lieftuchter, Muralist, Biography

Felix Bernard Lieftuchter was an artist who was born in Cincinnati in  on Oct. 29, 1882. He produced at least six major church decorations, worked with mosaics and engaged in portraiture. In 2014, I worked on a restoration of his work in an Ohio church, and you can see more about that in this blogContinue reading “Felix Lieftuchter, Muralist, Biography”

Frescoes and Mosaics at the Palazzo Massimo in Rome

Short shrift. That’s what describes what  Palazzo Massimo (Palazzo Massimo alle Terme) gets from tourists  (and probably most Romans). And it’s to bad because it’s a wonderful collection.What was especially interesting to me were the fresco cycles from excavated roman buildings spanning the years of about 200 B.C. to 400 A.D. They were just stunning andContinue reading “Frescoes and Mosaics at the Palazzo Massimo in Rome”

Vatican Easter Message 2013

This past Easter  Sunday I attended the Urbi et Orbi (to the city and to the world)  Easter message from the brand new Pope Francis. I’m staying quite close to the Vatican, so I had to go. It was  crowded, apparently a quarter million people, but it felt very special to be there, despite thatContinue reading “Vatican Easter Message 2013”