Museo Pietro Canonica , Rome

A sculpture in the Museo Pietro Canonica.

One new discovery for me on  this trip to Rome was the Museo Pietro Canonica. Pietro Canionica (1869 - 1959) was a celebrated Italian sculptor, painter, and composer. It's a wonderful small and free museum in the Villa Borghese Park.  A quiet place to sketch from his brilliant sculptures. From Wikipedia: He was professor of… Continue reading Museo Pietro Canonica , Rome

A Visit To Toledo’s Museum Of Fine Arts

Portrait of Helen Sears, Abbot Thayer

While I have been working in The Toledo area,  I visited the Toledo Museum of Fine Arts several times. Located in Toledo's  Old West End,a crumbling and beautiful historic neighborhood, the museum surprises with a well curated and friendly atmosphere. They have a great collection of historic  paintings as well as a modern building with… Continue reading A Visit To Toledo’s Museum Of Fine Arts