Even More Washington,D.C. Mural Conservation

As my friends know I have been spending a lot of time in the last two years working in Washington, DC on  some mural conservations working with an Conservator/artist team  to conserve some  circa 1880’s decorative murals in an executive branch office building near the White House. With Page Conservation. About the 1940’s the decorationsContinue reading “Even More Washington,D.C. Mural Conservation”

Art Prize. Wow! Grand Rapids is strutting out!

ArtPrize,  created by Rick DeVos, a grandson of both the cofounder of Amway and the founder of the Prince Corp is apparently establishing a kind of huge scale people’s choice competition in Grand Rapds, MI. A  few years ago I helped paint a Richard Haas designed Mural there and am thinking about creating another publicContinue reading “Art Prize. Wow! Grand Rapids is strutting out!”

More Washington, DC murals

Here is another apparently old mural on 14th street near “U”.  I can’t quite make out what it is supposed to say , perhaps “mothers love”? Maybe it is an old sign.  It is peeling quite badly. Also about 50 ft. away I found a beautiful poster  applied to a door. Any information about eitherContinue reading “More Washington, DC murals”

Marilyn Monroe Mural, Washington D.C.

This wonderful and popular mural is at the corner of Calvert and Connecticut, near the Woodley Park Metro station. Commissioned in 1981 by Roi Barnard of Salon Roi, and painted by John Bailey. There is or was a bronze plaque installed at 2604 Connecticut Avenue naming the artist, but I did not see it. ItContinue reading “Marilyn Monroe Mural, Washington D.C.”

Old War Department Restoration Continues

I am in Washington,D.C. for most of the first five months of 2009 working with Page Conservation on a restoration of an Executive branch office building that formerly housed the War Department. I am working very near the White House. The building was extensively decorated but unfortunately was over-painted in the late 1940’s. In theContinue reading “Old War Department Restoration Continues”

Working on 18th Century Wallpaper restoration in Washington, D.C.

Here is a  look at what I am doing this week in Washington DC. This is an 18th century  wallpaper made with woodblock prints . It would have been manufactured by a company like Joseph Dufour et Cie. I’m working with Page Conservation who have mounted the wallpaper on panels and I am  very carefullyContinue reading “Working on 18th Century Wallpaper restoration in Washington, D.C.”

In October I will be exhibiting at the Around the Coyote Arts Festival In Chicago…

I was selected as a Curators Choice which is a nice honor and should get me a little more attention. The venue is just west of Chicago’s Loop at: Plumbers Hall, 1340 W. Washington Blvd. Festival Hours: 2008 Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival: October 17-19, 2008 Friday, October 17 from 6pm- 10pm: Opening NightContinue reading “In October I will be exhibiting at the Around the Coyote Arts Festival In Chicago…”