Oak Park Mural project disappears

Bad news came through this week. Apparently due to a budget shortfall in the Village of Oak Park, it looks like my  planned mural project will probably not materialize (or at least be significantly delayed). I originally understood this was a sure thing and the money was budgeted already. But because of a lower taxContinue reading “Oak Park Mural project disappears”

Denver Restoration

This month I am in Denver working on a Mural restoration At the Byron White Federal courthouse in downtown Denver. Herman T. Schladermundt was he original Muralist, and he painted the 4 murals  about 1918. Unfortunately a “restoration was done in the 1960’s during which an artist painted garish colors on top of the originalContinue reading “Denver Restoration”

Tiffany Dome Restoration

I am working on restoring the the 38-foot dome in Preston Bradley Hall a the Chicago Cultural Center.It is thought to be the world’s largest Tiffany dome. There should be an article describing the restoration in early July in the Chicago Tribune Magazine.  With EverGreene Architectural Arts and Historic Surfaces . Here is an inContinue reading “Tiffany Dome Restoration”